Fake Love: The Book

Coming Soon!

None of us thought it could happen to us, but it did.  We had heard of the Nigerian prince email scam, but none of us realized the extent of the online romance scam epidemic.  None of us knew that scammers could be intelligent, educated, well-read and even bilingual; conversing with us daily for hours on end, morning, noon and night.   Building our trust over months and even years. Sharing our joys, allaying our fears, giving us a shoulder to cry on.  Our stories are unique, but they share a common thread, we were all victims of an online romance scam; a $956 million criminal business.

Fake Love is the story of three romance scam victims who found each other through a romance scam support group. United by their determination to prevent anyone else from being victimized and a fierce desire to bring their criminals to justice, they joined forces to write Fake Love. 

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